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Tonight my camp counselor from summer came over and hung out with Danika and me. We watched Domestic Disturbance, did some pilates and started School of Rock. I pretty much could not stop watching Dane Cook videos all day. Tomorrow is my last day of freedom until school starts again! Poo.
My two favorite Dane Cooks were "My Son, Optimus Prime" and "Car Alarm." I also watched Hey There Delilah (my version) by some random guy on youtube. Hilarious. Today wasn't too eventful. I had volleyball practice from 10-1 . . . a Russian lesson from 1:30-3:30ish. It was actually pretty boring.
Last night I watched a bunch of yoyo-ing videos with my stepbrother . . . he's REALLY cool. He's obsessed with yoyo-ing. There's nothing else to say!
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