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Last night we got back from Fife at 9:30 PM. We had been there since 7am. By the way, Fife is almost an hour from my house and my volleyball tournament went only okay. And my feet felt like STUMPS at the end. But whatever. We beat our rival team which was goood. Verr nice. I was SO tired today.
For my drama class we performed "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" and today was our first performance. We do it for elementary schoolers every day at 10:30 and then on Friday we'll do it at 7pm. It was pretty fun, but some of the sound effects were off. Dumb sound guy. Just kidding; he's really cool. Haha. Anyway, that was fun and I got to dress up as a cow at the end. Wayyyy cool.
My life is so intensely boring. Our winter ball is in a week or so. I'm not planning on going because 1) There's really no one who I want to take me. 2) I don't want to pay for a ticket because I don't see the appeal anyway of dressing up and looking nice to go to a dark place where no one will see your looking-nice-ness and you're going to get sweaty and have people grope you anyway.
So that's what I think, so I'm not going. I will get to stay in and probably have more fun than I would at the dance anyway. My school is sooo boring. There are no boys to like and I think the only reason that I am not dead from boredom is because I have all these things outside of school. Haha. And friends, obviously.
I just finished my new favorite/2nd favorite book ever. It's called Speak, and it's by Laurie Halse Anderson. I LOVED it and I'm really glad I picked it for my reading project because I completely devoured it and I know it inside and out so I will do GREAT on my oral report. Yay. Hm. I need some spice in my life so I actually have something to freaking write about on here.

OH! That other girl named Sasha on my volleyball team. She keeps this journal with her all the time. Okay that's not an interesting story. God. Later.
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