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Sometimes I wish I was more interesting. I mean, you know how there are just some people who other people see and immediately think "I want to be friends with them!" Well that's not me. It might have something to do with the fact that I'm sarcastic and give off an "ice queen" appearance as my friends say.

I am extremely frustrated right now. I do not have all my winter break homework done. I have the busiest schedule on the face of the earth. Many of the things on my schedule aren't even things I want to do. But now I have to go shower and take three buses to and from my mom's house because I have stupid volleyball tonight. I'm not in the mood to do 160 v-ups.

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What's your New Year's Resolution?

To be nicer. I am usually a pretty mean and sarcastic person. Then again, that was my resolution for last year...
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But this time it's by choice! Yesterday I just couldn't sleep. Anyway, tonight I watched The Pianist . . . and The Chronicles of Riddick . . . and we had started X-Men when my stepdad got all pissy and told us to go to bed. I was watching with my stepbrother. It was made even more fun with the discovery of the name "Necromunger" of the Chronicles of Riddick. Haha. I don't know what the writers were thinking! I didn't like the movie much. I was more in the mood to watch Alien vs. Predator.
The Pianist, however, was AMAZING. I had been thinking of a different movie about piano dueling on a boat or something when I rented it, but it turned out to be pretty good. I liked it.

Tomorrow is New Years' Eve! And I am a total loser without plans. Except apparently to play pool all night with my stepbrother. We are getting a pool table tomorrow - how exciting! But the drive is over an hour one way, so that's a minus. But the plus? WE WILL HAVE A POOL TABLE IN OUR HOUSE! Cool. We might also go see a movie. I really want to see Juno. My stepsister was being extremely annoying tonight. I guess I should get it out there, though, that I get irritated easily. Especially with people who I am prone to disliking from the start; such as stepsiblings! Anyway. She's 12 and acts way younger, is selfish, someone who doesn't know when to stop talking, etc. I guess you could say a typical slightly immature 12-year-old. Tonight she was complaining about how she didn't want to watch The Pianist. I told her that she could go watch something else, since we do have another TV in the house. But no. She had to stay and blabber through the whole movie, and ask questions about things that they hadn't even told us in the movie. She really irks me.

At my dad's house, the home page for the internet is the Anchorage Daily News from Alaska. The craziest stuff happens up there! One of the headlines a few weeks ago was how three friends who were jogging with their dogs got mauled by a pack of wolves that snuck up behind them. They all lived, but, can you even imagine that? Just to be taking a nice morning jog and suddenly a wolf jumps on you. Wow. There was also
"Snowmachining teen thrown from vehicle and killed." How is it that all these interesting/ridiculous things happen to people who live in one of the most under-populated places ever? Just something I've been pondering. It does not make me want to live in Alaska.
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I finally got to sleep . . . around 6:30 AM. I have to say I am very tired. But I took a shower and I feel better. I was just reading this blog about teen pregnancy that I have to say I liked a lot. I used to have a xanga account and I went there just to see what it looked like. You know. I was bored. But this is what I found on the first page:

I really liked it. I guess with Jamie Lynn Spears, teen pregnancy is an even bigger deal than it was before. But, that blog really just opens up your eyes. Who cares that this mom is a few years younger than any others? And besides, Jamie Lynn is probably better off money-wise than most normal aged moms nowadays. That kind of stuff just really makes me mad. This has nothing to do with that blog, but it makes me incredibly angry when crazed Christian women are being so judgmental of girls who are teen mothers because they are "impure" and all this other shit that those women think. But, I thought that one of the . . . pillars, I guess . . . of Christianity is to be forgiving, NOT judgmental, etc. But I won't blabber on about that.

Today I am going to the mac store so they can teach me how to use my new MacBook! Yay. It's good because my iChat stopped working yesterday. :(
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I have not slept. I came to bed at 11 pm and haven't gotten to sleep since. It's incredibly frustrating. I actually want to sleep tonight. UGH! Anyway, I'm not even tired so I had to do something. I read a book . . . and now I am writing here. Winter break is almost over. :( It wasn't even two weeks long. New Year's Eve is on Monday; 2008 is in one day! Wow. Actually, I lied. I am really tired. I just can't get to sleep. Very, very tired. Tonight I watched the Shawshank Redemption with my family. It is such a good movie! I like Morgan Freeman. I am writing about really pointless stuff. I have a term paper due on the 8th of January that I started today . . . so I'm a little behind there. Actually, a lot behind. It is supposed to be 1,500 words long. Guess I should have started earlier but, there's nothing I can do about it now except for work work work!
I just read this book called "Just Listen" by Sarah Dessen. It was the only book of hers I hadn't read, and I LOVED it. If anybody is reading this and you like books that are about majorly troubled teenagers who find boys to like and everything always works out perfectly in the end (of course) then you should read some of Sarah Dessen's books. I love them.
I guess I might as well go try to get some sleep now. Night/Morning!
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I just saw one of those ads pop up on the side of the page. "Jesus Didn't Exist . . . ?!" Wow. Why do dumb advertisers have to do stuff like that? I mean, if you want to believe in Jesus or God, it's okay to accept the people that do! God! (No pun intended . . . ) Haha. But whatever though. Anyway; I'm Sasha. I'm new to LiveJournal . . . blah blah blah. I write in regular real journal . . . something is odd to me about revealing everything about your life online. But I love to read these things so I decided to start one of my own! Um . . . I have a stepbrother and a stepsister who are twins. I have a stepdad. My stepbrother is decent and I pretty much can not stand my stepsister. They are both 12. I am 15. Isn't that self-explanitory? Okay. :) Well, it would be nice to make some friends on here to talk to, so add me if you want to!
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